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Noodly is a new, multi-contributor platform for online newspapers & magazines.

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We're just getting started. Here's what you can do right now.

  Invite Other Folks To Help

Noodly makes it super easy to invite other people to join your publication, either as contributors or admins. Invite an unlimited number of people. The more the merrier.

  Create Channels

Publish your stories through channels. Channels show up in search results, and your audience can follow channels they enjoy the most.

  Include Hashtags

Include Hashtags when posting stories. Hashtags also show up in search results, and your audience can follow their favorite hashtags.

  Build Beautiful Stories

Noodly's block-based story builder allows you to build engaging stories. Just keep adding content blocks (Text, Images, Videos & more).

  Approve Stories

As an admin, you have the final say. When contributors post stories, you'll get notified so that you can review their content and ultimately choose what you want to publish.

  Send Clients Stories

Noodly allows you or your contributors to send clients a "Private Draft". Your client will get a notification with a link to preview and approve the story.


Monitise your publication with our Pay-to-publish feature. Now you can send clients a "Private Draft" with a fee they need to pay in order to publish the story.

  Set Your Own Fees

Whether you or any of your contributors choose to send clients Pay-to-Publish stories, you can set your own fees. Get paid what your content and audience reach is really worth.

  Share Revenue

When clients Pay-to-Publish content, Noodly will automatically split the client's payment between the contributor and your publication. You can choose what percentage your publication gets.

  Build A follower Base

Noodly makes it easy for your audience to follow your publication. People can follow via their favorite contributors, channels or hashtags.

  See Who's Really Killing It

Our platform lets you see exactly which of your contributors are bringing in the highest number of followers, and who's generating the most traffic and revenue for your publication.

  Apply Your Brand

Noodly is 99% white-label. You get to upload your own logo and set some basic accent colors to mask Noodly's default branding. We reserve the right to display "Powered by Noodly" in small print at the bottom of every page.

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